Morris Reflections

Reflections on Widening the War

by Roger Morris


March 2007 - One of the books in the backdrop of the White House Library
must have been on quantum physics. As President George W. Bush stood
awkwardly at his podium Wednesday night, nervously drawing breaths at each
sentence as he began his long-awaited speech Iraq, Washington’s parallel
universes seemed to crowd the room.


Dispatches from the Front


In Memory of David Halberstam -- Witness, Journalist, Historian

By Roger Morris

morris war for future

The War for the Future

by Roger Morris
Research Fellow, Green Institute
Green Institute Publications


morris species neocon

Origins of the Species Neo-Con
By Roger Morris
Date: April 19, 2005
Part I: Out of a Faraway Fog

Roger Morris Writings

Green Institute Publications - Papers by Roger Morris

In February of 2008, Roger Morris concluded four years as a Fellow for the Green Institute and moved on to other projects. It was a very productive and enlightening four years and we thank Roger for his great work and wish him the best on his future projects.

The Specialist

Morris Schmidt Vision

Of America’s Dunkirk, Napoleon’s Winter, and FDR’s Third Freedom. Roger Morris and Steve Schmidt evoke history, envision political alternatives and offer a provocative reappraisal of national security policy in a swiftly changing world

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century:

Morris Bagram Ghosts

Bagram's Ghosts
By Roger Morris
March 2007

“I heard a loud boom,” Vice President Dick Cheney remembered of the suicide bomb at Bagram air base outside Kabul where he stopped over this week. Said to be aimed at Cheney himself, the attack left him untouched while killing twenty-one Afghan workers and two Americans—still more casualties in Afghanistan’s thirty-year, million-and-a-half-dead civil war.

In that setting, one hopes Cheney heard symbolically more than a “boom.” Bagram thunders with relevant ghosts, many of them American.

Morris Source Beyond Rove

Update: February 12, 2007

Morris Specialist


Robert Gates
and the Tortured World of American Intelligence

By Roger Morris

Morris Undertaker's Tally

The Undertaker’s Tally

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