Green Institute Office Holder Seminars

In June, 2005, the Green Institute sponsored a meeting of locally elected office holders in Madison, Wisc, co-sponsored by the Liberty Tree Foundation and the Havens Center.
Attendees expressed a need for office holders to learn some basic
skills so that they could be more effective in implementing progressive
policy. Brenda Konkel, at left, an elected member of the Madison City Council, was the host for the meeting.

a result, the Green Institute is inaugurating its Local Elected Office
Holder Seminar program. These will be simple one-day seminars, designed
to be easy and inexpensive to organize, easy or office holders to
attend, and they are intended to provide very practical skills to
office holders. The focus will not be on issues, but on practical
skills, such as how to deal with the media, or with a board or council
in which you are a small minority on.

We have issued a invitation to
host seminars around the country. So far, one seminar has been
scheduled, on Saturday, April 22 in Corvallis, Oregon. We hope to have
one in Madison, Wisc, during the summer. These first two seminars will
help us to refine the seminars and make them more useful. If you are in
the Corvalllis area and are interested in attending, please contact

What we OfferRep. John Eder

State Rep. John Eder, of Maine, has prepared a booklet, in consultation with other officeholders, to
present to the attendees. The Green Institute will provide copies of
this booklet. In some cases, the material will be presented by
experienced local office holders who live in the area. In locations
where they are not available, the Green Institute may support travel
for an office holder to attend. The Green Institute will also pay for
expenses to hold the meeting, such as venue rental. We also provide a compilation of articles from Green Horizon Quarterly Journal that we believe to be of interest to seminar attendees.

Rep. John Eder

Seminar Format

Seminars are to be for one day only, because office holders are too
busy to attend multi-day meetings. In general the seminars will also be
regionally based, because too much expense and Rep. John Eder

time is involved to travel a long distance to a seminar. There will be no fee to attend.

In order to focus on the needs to office holders, the plan is for the seminars to be open only to office holders,
presenters, and any support staff they invite. But this policy is
subject to the preference of the meeting host. Because the meetings are
only one day, and we want to keep the cost of the venue down, the
seminars are not intended as opportunities for people to debate or
consult with their officeholders. We also offer a proposed agenda for the day.

to the Green Institute's legal status, we cannot offer campaign schools
or be involved in electoral campaigns in any way. These seminars are
non-partisan and are open to any interested office holder.

Presentation materials will eventually be posted to this website.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar in your area, please contact us at

Read a report of the first seminar, held in Corvallis, Oregon.

George Grosch, Corvallis City Council, Ward 3, hosted the first office holder seminar