Corporate Control of Hip Hop - Capitol Resistance

US Social Forum, Friday, June 28, 2007

After discovering that the room reserved for this event by Social Forum organizers was unusable because it had no power, we managed to reschedule the event in one of the large tents near the Civic Center. The Capitol Resistance presentation on Corporate Control of Hip Hop was held the evening of Friday, June 28 at about 8:30pm, just after the plenary for the evening had let out.

Dr. Jared Ball, the Green Institute's Communications Fellow and based in Washington, DC, presented slides and discussed the concentration of media and entertainment in the hands of very few corporations, and in particular how this has impacted hip hop.

Dr. Ball described how recent efforts to limit violent lyrics in hip hop only are attempted when the violence applies to those in power.


He also described his work in emancipatory journalism and how corporate control can be avoided through the use of mixtape radio.

Find out more about this work at the voxunion website. Free mixtape cds were distributed during the event.

Interspersed in Dr. Ball's presentation, Head-Roc performed for the growing audience, demonstrating progressive hip hop that deals with the issues of the day. The audience equally ate up both the presentation and the performance, and despite not being scheduled and with no opportunity for advertisement, the space was filled with listeners by its end.

Head-Roc performs during the presentation