Green Policy, Resolutions, and Ordinances

A database of best practices and proposed policy

During the summer of 2006, the Green Institute contracted to develop a user-friendly database of the highest caliber with the most contemporary "wiki" technology to catalog Green policies, including policy that has already been enacted and that which is proposed. Because we believe that some of the best innovation occurs at the local level, our database is devoted to policy at the local level. We will scour the country looking for examples of policy for the next seven generations.

GreenPRO database

GreenPRO already has hundreds of policy entries and we are adding more constantly. There are Google maps to show where the entries are - they are from cities, towns, counties, universities, school districts, tribal governments, and union locals.

Many more policies will be uploading over time. Please do contact us if you have any policies that you think would be good for GreenPRO - or create an account and add them yourself. GreenPRO is one of the most advanced and yet easy-to-use policy database on the web.

See the GreenPRO brochure. (454 kb)